Carrying pouch for a Fluke Infrared?

I’ve had my Fluke TIR for a while now and thought I would be able to find a carrying pouch that would work well with that camera. At this time I have not.

Has anyone found something that will allow them to carry the Fluke IR camera on their hip or use some other method without the IR camera getting in the way?

I don’t know if the Fluke will fit, but I use a drill holster for my BX320.

I bought this from Flir, works well but not sure if it will fit your camera.

DSCN0638 (Small).JPG

DSCN0639 (Small).JPG


I didn’t really think about it until I saw Peters pouch for his FLIR. Miller makes a harness that has a ton of accessories you can put in to it. It is called the Miller Revolution Harness. On that link, the top PDF has the bags listed about 75% of the way down the pdf under accessories. I know for a fact the big bag would carry a TiR, and maybe the two smaller ones.

They use a type of quick connect on the back of the accessory, I am sure you could modify it to fit something else. Miller might actually make something that will convert that clip to a different type of clip.

Actually as I re-read that PDF, they actually sell a seperate belt that just holds accessories. There are like 40 different accessories you can buy for that harness/belt. The leather electricians bag is super nice, and so is the pouch that has two metal rings at the bottom that are suppose to be for hammers or whatever. That one has several smaller pouches.

so maybe that is a working option for you

The FLIR one that peter is referring to will not work for any Ti series from Fluke, I tried it ahwile back. The Testo camera is super close in size to the Fluke, but to my knowledge there is no carring aparatus for that either.

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I took the big shoulder strap of the soft bag that comes in the hard case and clipped it to the camera. I have it around one side of my neck with my opposite arm through it kind of like a lady would carry a purse in a scary neighbourhood. It sits behind me until I need it then it is just lift and shoot.

I use a regular belt-style electricians pouch for my FLIR…it should work for the Fluke and they’re available at Home Depot

I bought a camera case at walmart and cut a hole in the bottom for the fluke tir handle to fit into. You can fit it onto a belt and it works fine.

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I use a “cheesy” way of doing it. I just use the velcro strap that already comes on the unit and just wrap it around, and re-attach it, a belt loop or whatever to get up ladders, etc.


Wear nice Carharts with the hammer holster on either side

What I do is use the strap that attaches to the soft bag that carries the FLUKE. Un hook it from the bag and hook it to the camera. You can hang it around your neck, put behine you when in tight places and you don’t drop it or lose it and it if you bump it’s a FLUKE it is tough. Best of all no cost.

Here’s one

This particular IR camera holster is awesome. It has performed very well for me.

I have the same exact holster for my Flir B2. The supplier threw this holster in to finalize my IR camera sale.

That’s how I got mine too!!!

Flir is great to work with.