Case study: Cladding/fenestration/roof water intrusion

Low rise office building 1980-1990 circa Alabama. I found this case interesting because water was attacking this building in many areas. Fixed frame aluminum windows, brick veneer, ballasted TPO roof with metal parapet coping.

I observed water intrusion and damage around interior window openings, top and bottom and frames. Also, some water intrusion at grade. Moisture streaking down the walls between levels above ceiling tiles. There were weep holes but placement is questionable and they may have been post construction? Exterior lintel and window frame corrosion observed. Possible efflorescence also observed on brick veneer. Ballasted roof was and parapet coping were newer, however roof leaking was ongoing.

This project has already been reported on. But I am very interested in other comments and experiences.

unfortunately, seen often

inferior original wall/roof design or construction application along with deferred maintenance can & is seldom remedied effectively

band-aiding a mortal wound is futile

many comm structures/strip or malls around me that are 50+ year old are just razed & new shit is built

it’s 'merica baby
instant gratification & a disposable society


Well put. Not a good prognosis for this building.