Casey & O'Malley Conference Atlantic City New Jersey April 22-26th.

Don’t miss it…Great Conference for inspectors.

I’ll see you there!

InterNACHI is a Gold Sponsor of the event and you’ll get a hard copy of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties at the Commercial Inspection course.

Looking forward to meeting some members at the conference.

Like Nick said…not only do you get the InterNachi International SOP for inspecting commercial property. Mike Casey will have one of the best Commercial Inspection Management professionals teaching the course, Bob Davidson. Great man…!

It will be a great event, I’ll be there, I hope to meet many people I’ve only known through this message board.

Here is more Information about the Commercial Management Course, and I highly recommend everyone take the course who want to possibly double or triple your income this year.

If you haven’t read about the course information, or any of the other courses and events here is another Link.

See you there Troy…!!!

Dom will be there, another Great Man…(as we all know)—:smiley:

I’ll be there Monday and Tuesday.

I’ll be hunting you down!:mrgreen:

Ask Nick where to find me, Drew.

Just look for Dr. Watson—:smiley:

I got my flight today guys, I’ll be flying in on Saturday so I’ll have energy for the 4 hour Home Inspector Pro talk on Sunday, 2 hour Website talk on Monday and 2 hour Social Networking talk on Tuesday! The 4 hour HIP talk is free but you guys need to make sure to register on the site.