Cash Jobs Question

Hi, since Cash is King do you push for cash payments? I mostly work in commercial construction but when I do residential work I always push for cash. Often the home owner is willing to pay cash so they don’t have to pay the GST (Canadian tax).

If you manage to get pay cash for your inspection, do you still give them a receipt or it defeats the purpose?



Why wouldn’t they have to pay GST if they paid cash?

If you’re “pushing” for cash for unethical reasons, then that’s unethical. I claim everything I make, even the cash.

I treated cash just like a cheque declared all income .
I give them a receipt
I am too honest . I understand if every one declared all income we all would pay less taxes ,
Stealing is wrong and some times people get caught.

It depends on why you are taking cash.

For example, if you are taking cash to avoid paying Canadian GST because you don’t want to support something your government is doing, then taking cash is perfectly ethical (for you), but completely illegal.

However, if you are taking cash for the sole purpose of being assured payment (a check is only a promise to pay), then taking cash is both ethical and legal.

Cash is just another form of payment… price (including any taxes) does not change. Receipt or not, on your end should be handled the same.

I don’t think the United States Gubberment has caught on to this idea…

I always sign the clients contract as paid in full by cash. If there is no record of payment then there is no contract fulfilled and the client is left in a bad position should a dispute arise. I believe most clients understand this and would view those offering or accepting cash payments without a receipt as sketchy. Course you would soon get a rep as the cut rate inspector and get all the cheapskate buyers.:mrgreen:

I take cash check or card. Customer decides how they want to pay. Cash is a PITA. Pretty soon you are walking around with wallet stuffed with twenties. I hate standing in line in banks, and I don’t like depositing cash in an ATM, but I do it. I like checks the best, you know where they live! You know where they are going to live! They have been pre credit checked and mortgage approved by a bank. I can use any convenient ATM to deposit. I haven’t been stiffed yet. For cards I use square and a cell phone, square scoops 2.75% off the top, but do not charge a monthly fee, unlike your friendly banker. The 10 bucks or so it costs per inspection is partially recouped by not having to go to the bank, the money magically lands in your account within a day, and no ten day hold either.

Avoiding or messing with GST or other taxes is illegal and stupid, especially with the Harper Government, who love finding small time tax cheaters and stomping on them, because it is a lot easier and more satisfying than going after rich corporations with armies of accountants and tax lawyers, who won’t take any poop from government weenies.

Take the cash and run !

Cash? What cash? I never saw any cash…

Agree. I use a card for pratically everything nowadays.

I love cash!

Sounds absolutely horrific! :wink:

Thanks for your input guys, really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and recommendation.


zap into the new millenium, redneck!! :mrgreen:

I bout upchucked!

David, If you are trying to beat the government out of some cash so be it. But the day you get the letter from the lawyer you had better have paid your GST. They will dig all that crap up and prove that you are unethical. Then the government will find out and audit your books. The pain you will feel is the government and the lawyers ramming it up your but.
Not worth it in my opinion.


Well said Bob!!:mrgreen::mrgreen: