Cataloguing message board information. What method do you use?

There’s a ton of fantastic information on the message boards and some inspectors seem to be able to lay their hands on information from past posts fairly quickly.
What method do you use?

Some members are magical at it.

If everyone stated the proper subject matter it would be a lot easier…But NO!
This is the last place I look for answers.

Offset by sheer volume of posts. More than 100,000 new thread starts and 1.3 million posts.

You might not be able to find everything posted about a subject but you can always find some threads about a subject.


It is absolutely convoluted…Why try?
It’s like raekin’ one’s self through the coals.
It has to do with the posters and not the board.l

Use a site specific Google query such as: “ kenton conductors”. However that will only get you access to the open forum contents.

When you get your query results type “do a barrel roll” into the query line


Well… that got hijacked almost immediately. The subject is not how to research a subject, it’s:

What method do you use to catalog message board post information?

And the answer is… most of us DONT EVEN TRY to!

Example: How the hell do you even attempt to catalog this?—>>

The hit and miss method.

I don’t. I let the search engine handle the indexing. I just worry about the most productive way to ask it to give me what I’m after.

I have never use it from the git go in 2004 and never will;-)

Kenton are you asking if anyone catalogs everything or do you mean cherry pick ?

fastest and best method.

Yer using it right now and cataloging it only in yer brain!

Bob, some guys, like Marcel, are able to provide links to threads from way back, really fast, and other can too, so I know some inspectors are keeping track of threads on particular subjects.
Sometimes you can find a particular thread through Google, but a lot you can’t because the titles don’t always reflect clearly the post subject. I’ve been doing a lot of message board searching for this Flash Card project and it’s time consuming. I thought maybe the guys who have been doing it might chime in.

I don’t mean all of them Jeff, just the ones that seem interesting to whoever is doing the cataloging.

I don’t think anyone is cataloging threads or information like you assume. Some are just better at using the different search functions available.

I never have any luck with the message board search engines and I don’t know why. I’ve had other inspectors put in the same questions and get results. Maybe they did something a little different.