Caulked crack from remodel.

I found this yesterday. The back porch was remodeled and closed in. Where the new brick met the old it was separated pretty bad. The current owner, about 80 years old, said that when the contractor was done it split and air was drafting pretty badly into the closed in area. So she caulked it herself. No structural issues were observed anywhere so I don’t have reason to think it’s structural to that extent. Any ideas on how to write this up? Second pic is from the inside.


I think they changed the cyclic movement of the house when they remodeled. The porch foundation might be moving differently than the house but it doesn’t appear to me a major issue but one worth noting. I would put a little cya note in the report that the your unsure as the the structure and foundation of the porch due to it not being visible and the buyer might want to check for permits. Mention the cracking in your report and suggest monitoring for changes or shifting and if needed contact an engineer.

The bricks where " cut in " for the stretcher bond in the existing field.

  1. Look at the foundation.
    Pour starter bedding, foundation or vertical uplift.
    Lateral forces can also cause this shifting or separation of brick veneer plains Lack of, unevenly spaced or nonexistent brick ties for one.

Hard to recommend without more information.Sorry.

The foundation will help your hypotheses.
The porch foundation might be moving differently than the house
Are there 2 foundations? Look for color differences. Look at the arrogate in the concrete under the porch and homes foundation.Same color, same size arrogate?
Is the pouch on peers and slab?
More photos?