Caulking separating between window and sill?

It looks cosmetic…windows were firmly secured. The house is only
three years old…(Southern Calif. House)…Anyone suggestions on how
to write it up?

Put your moisture meter on it ,then report what you see.
Check exterior for any visible issues.

Again report what you see.

Agree with Bob, check with moisture meter and if OK, recommend prep (caulk) and paint.

my comments would be: Cracks were present around window. (see photo) Be aware that cracks may be evidence of structural movement. <you could just stop here. If you wanted to continue, I might proceed with> In this inspector’s opinion, movement was within acceptable limits at time of inspection. However, it is suggested to monitor cracks to determine if further movement is occuring. If excessive movement is suspected, you should consult a structural engineer for evaluation.

Without any further evidence, it would appear to be cosmetic. I see it all the time. In NC we are not allowed to even report cosmetic issues.

I work for a home builder and this is a common thing to see in a new home (3 years),especially if the builder uses green lumber. This is the result of shrinkage of materials. If it was structural you would see more than just caulking seperating around a window. Look for bigger signs for structural.:slight_smile:

What Peter just said. Separating caulk alone is not indicative of structural issues. I would note this under minor / misc. notes in my summary. Check for moisture, note it and move on if nothing to report. As soon as you raise the flag of “structural” without fairly conclusive evidence YOU might find yourself having to backpeddle and looking like an amateur who just calls out every nitpicking item to cover your bo-hinney. Especially if the report is full of "get further evaluation by licensed contractor (structural engineers, etc.). Report what you see, stick to the facts, not conjecture.

Note: this post is general information and not directed at any single individual least someone get their “feelings” hurt.

My feeling are hurt that you felt it necessary to post such a statement! :p;)

PS… could just be cheap-azz caulking was used by the builder!:shock::twisted:

Tongue in cheek, my friend. You know how easily some get their little psyche damaged, hence the disclaimer. :wink: