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One of the reasons I chose HG was because at the time it was one of few online hosted report systems.

Here’s a letter I just got from a client who used that feature in a hardware store to find the parts he needed!

(3200 sq.ft. acreage, sheds, wood fired aux boiler, loooots of talking with client. Home had a hockey rink in the basement!)

Thank you Mitch!

Mitch Waldon, of Waldon Works, was referred to us by a friend for a home inspection. The inspection was for our own peace-of-mind as our home purchase inspection, referred to us by our Realtor, was very lack lustre.

We were incredibly happy with Mitch. His rates were fair and his schedule was flexible. He worked with us, even before the inspection, to ensure we received the service we desired. His service started with a phone call to pin-point any areas of concern, what services to provide and if there was anything we were hoping he could focus on. After settling those details, we were able to set a date and time.

During the inspection he made a point of including us. As a home owner, this is an excellent surprise as we were able to shed light on things that otherwise might appear wrong or get ignored. He took his time and did a thorough job. His inspection included every tedious detail, even going as far as looking behind electrical face plates, looking at the weatherstripping on windows and even noticing condensation in one of the ducts in the attic! He spent a lot of time meticulously checking everything and taking photos of every little detail.

The report was fantastic in its detail (161 pages long!) with photos corresponding to every comment! He provides a custom report, tailored to the house rather than some cookie-cutter check-box form with no comments and no photos. It was evident in the report that Mitch has a heavy electrical background, or extensive electrical knowledge, but overall it was a very well-rounded report that covered every facet of our home. The pictures of every comment were incredibly useful, no more scouring the house trying to determine what the comment or check-box was referring to, it’s right there in front of you.

Mitch has an excellent platform where everything is web based. From the initial contract to the final report, everything is provided online. In today’s digital age, that is key. Being able to access the report anytime and anywhere is extremely useful. At the hardware store, when trying to buy some of the supplies to fix some of the noted issues, I was lost as I have little to no electrical knowledge. But I simply pulled up the report and photos on my phone, showed it to an associate and they were able to pinpoint exactly what I needed.

As first-time home owners, we can now feel confident in our home and how to move forward as this gives us a strong and clear benchmark on our home and how to move forward. Overall, we are extremely happy with this inspection and will be referring Mitch and Waldon Works to anybody and everybody who asks!

Thank you again Mitch.


Mike and Megan

No software is perfect, but HG helped make my client happy.

Thanks HG!

Thanks Mitch! Why anyone sends a pdf when they can send a Web Presentation I’ll never know!

Way to go Mitch. You know it was a great inspection/report when the client takes the time to write such a through and detailed review.

I’m a new user to HG services but I realized the advantages right from the start with the very first report posted. The sad part is that most don’t understand the benefits this service provides until after the inspection.

I’m looking forward to the new and improved HG services.