Cause of moisture?

This joist had some moisture while the others near/against it did not. Water pipes are not located near this area of the home. Any thoughts as to the cause for elevated moisture on an individual joist?

12131DarwoodCt 048.jpg

12131DarwoodCt 045.jpg

How old is the this part of the structure?

Was it “actually” wet—or just looked wet? Looks like it might have gotten stained prior to installation.

I agree with Charles… unless the subfloor was replaced prior to the inspection due to a previous leak.

I agree with Charles; from looking at the decking, beam and the over lap from the other joist in the pictures, the joist you asked about looked like that before they were installed.


Was installed in that condition.
Make note of other part of the frame or house structure that might give clues to the same problem as the lumber used for those joist.

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Thirsty wood!!!

There was no evidence of recent repairs. I do not believe there was a leak any where, just seemed odd that the level of moisture was higher than the surrounding wood (as measured by pin type moisture meter)

Will certain parts of a tree retain moisture longer? The home was built in 2002.