CBC News about Canadian Home Inspector

Dear All, Canadian Inspector,

Watch this websitehttp://www.cbc.ca/bc/story/bc_inspectors20060327.html

James Koong

Interesting how they say the inspector was “certified” and a member of a professional organization but they don’t say which one, CAPHI?. They don’t go into why the inspector may not have picked up the problem during a “visual” inspection or that conditions at that time may have been dry. The problem was only discovered after the contractors started ripping her house apart for some renovations. Then they proceed to change the subject and discredit the on-line exam, and how people can cheat on the on-line exam. Did anyone else pick up on the fact that she only got 85% on the exam with the help of veteran inspector Trever Neyedli of Can-AM Home Inspections giving her the answers? presumably a CAPHI member. Only 85%? “What about the other 15% of stuff he is going to get wrong.” Scary alright!

This story is a joke and is an example of how some groups are now resorting to fear mongering and the bashing other professional associations for their own benefit. What a shame.

In the interview with the Minster the next day guess what? “One of our producers who came on this program, she took an exam on-line , got 85% and if she wanted to pay the couple of hundred bucks she could call herself a home inspector.” Talk about twisting the facts.

This is a BC issue but may effect the whole country.
If you are an inspector in Alberta what do you think of this issue?