CBC News Report

The CBC News Report:


about a home inspection gone wrong in Vancouver has triggered many responses from disgruntled consumers critical of home inspectors LICENSED by the government to operate in British Columbia. Even though the allegations have not been proven in court, the biassed media report is certainly damaging for the image of the Canadian Home Inspection Industry in general.

However, several defensive replies have obviously also been posted by home inspectors as a matter of damage control.

The self-serving statement issued by the executive director - Ms. Helene Barton - that B.C. home inspectors **are rarely found guilty of any wrong doings, **is not only inappropriate, but also reflects the arrogance of the entire CAHPI organization and its leadership.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

I was reading some of the responses last night and we are definitly fighting an uphill battle. Seems like most people think it a money grab by a bunch of hill billy’s. Wish we could change that preception.