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I just received a message that there could be something regarding Home Inspection on the CBC Toronto News at 6:00 pm tonight .

If I get more info I will post it immediately… Roy

I just posted the CBC video from last night in another thread.

The great thing about the CBC…They are always ahead of the game


Bruce McClure strikes again

We missed last night saw part two part three on tomorrow .

Bruce McClure “Home Inspector not a Celebrity…but I want to be”

“6,000 Hours to become a plumber,” … “9,000 Hours to become an electrician.” … “Home Inspectors are expected to know it all without education” … and … “write a report equivalent to an Engineers Report.”

You don’t have to be a plumber or an electrician to know that you need to call a plumber or electrician, you have to have a rudimentary understanding of what is right and what is wrong. I see lots of homes where there’s the good old ESA sticker on the panel with lots of faults. I see plumbing nightmares installed by plumbers.

Thousands of hours of training doesn’t help. The correct amount of the correct type of training does.

Last nights program https://youtu.be/6yBw8RoCmVU

Great thanks for posting this Len .
Much appreciated .
It would be nice to know who the inspector is and also the agent .

Read all about it: here

Appeal which landed 100% of the blame on the inspector: here

So the lessons to be learned from this case are as follows:

  1. In every instance a defect is found, that may have a chance of a knock-on effect regardless of whether the condition appears as though it could manifest with or without maintenance and repair, the Inspector should identify the defect AND the knock-on effect. This is considered scare mongering by many Realtors, but as this case shows, an inspector misses it at their peril.
  2. The Inspector must ensure at the top of every report that the client should read the report IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE MAKING A DECISION TO PURCHASE.
  3. Don’t expect your arse will be covered by the Realtor, because as the Judge said, they are not capable of understanding what a home inspector should
  4. Explain everything to your client as though they were in Kindergarten

Hey Roy:

Here is the link from the first part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yBw8RoCmVU

Sorry: Just saw Len posted what looks to be the same…

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We discussed this case during the pilot course program in Mississauga. It was the opinion of many that the inspector really got taken to task (unfairly). There were some in the group that believed he got his just reward…

Unfair to pass a judgement on a colleague without having all the facts…

9 year old case . , seems like fear mongering
Looks to me like there have not been many big cases since then .
Brian Edwards great guy I took some seminars with him about 14 or more years ago .
He was a PACHI member Joined OAHI with the amalgamation . Had no insurance .

. No longer an OAHI member

No judgement, just observations to provide advice to ensure no one else gets caught in the same trap.

This has been aired in QC as well.
I suspect the inspector was referred.

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