CBS codes for access

Does your area require you to obtain the CBS code from the listing agent for your Supra key to work? My area requires that for home inspectors even if they are licensed and affiliates of the Realtor Association. I feel that licensed home inspectors have met many of the same requirement as realtors (licensed, insured, finger printed, C.O.E, SOP,ect) and we should be granted the same access (no CBS code require)… I’m curious how other counties are handling the issue? My area argues that the CBS code is their way of restricting me from coming and going. My reply was, “once I have the CBS code, I can come and go anyways”… I’m making some progress on the subject and they are working on establishing rules and guidelines for home inspectors. Please let me know if your supra key works without the CBS code requirement.

Supra’s national policy is to grant only realtors unfettered non CBS access using the app or fobs. All parties set up as affiliates or vendors must obtain the CBS code whether active or not. The reason being as alot still use the fob, any vendor could loan their fob out to anyone. Some local realtor boards have elected to set up their vendors as realtors in the Supra system if using the smartphone app, reasoning that if its on your cell, you’re not likely to loan your cellphone out. Unless your realtor board is willing to circumnavigate around and set you up as a realtor in their system, there isn’t much you can do, unfortunately. Having to deal with the CBS issue renders them somewhat worthless as most realtors don’t activate them and around 85% don’t even know what they are. Good luck.

What’s a Supra key?

A handy device. :wink:

Home Inspectors should not have Supra Keys. It is up to the agent in charge of that property to open and lock up the property. And they should be there during the inspections. You are taking on a lot of liability by having one of those keys.

I disagree.

In my area if you don’t have a SUPRA you may get labeled a newbie or worse.

It has worked out well for me and I fought it for as long as it made sense.

You get tired of agents asking if you have one and moving on to someone else.

Now that we have a BookAshowing service I seldom see the listing or selling agent.

A lot of this type of thing is regional so it may be different in your area.

Larson is correct, professionals have professional tools.

My builder’s license allows me unfettered access. I can put lock boxes on homes I build for Realtor access.

I am like what, 70 minutes South of you?
Until only a few months ago when Berkshire Hathaway took over Prudential, I hadn’t seen a Supra box in 5-8 years! Now that they are creeping into my primary area, it matters not. All the big players in the RE game have policies in place that the agent must attend the inspection, provide access, and secure the homes when I leave. It is a rare occurrence that a agent is not present, as well as my client. For all the other smaller RE offices, we commonly use coded boxes and if the agent will not be present, the code is provided to me via text, email, or call.

Now that is the professional way to perform business, NOT by forcing another profession to purchase something as a method of controlling them. We all know that Supra keys are a Realtors way to a power grab. You guys did it to yourselves by letting them get away with it. Don’t try and BS the rest of us to think otherwise. It ain’t workin’!

Might as well make them earn the ridiculous amount of money they make for doing next to nothing :slight_smile:

But hey I’m just a jerk anyhow :smiley:

Most times they present nothing but scheduling issues anyhow. I would rather they “realtors” did not exist :slight_smile:

Not all use supra but they have been common here for a while.

I seldom have scheduling issues.

I really like the fact that I do not have to depend on anyone. People forget scheduled appointments and run late on occasion. The best part is if it is vacant, I can go when I am ready, especially when the client is not attending. I finished my last inspection early on Friday because I had access with the SupraKey.

Kansas City has Supra Key. Home Inspectors are required to get a listing agents CBS code to access the house. LA’s NEVER have it OR have an excuse to not give it out.

If it were a vacant home or there were no clients present, I wouldn’t mind having one. But I don’t want the liability and responsibility of having clients, with or without kids and other relatives, wandering through an occupied home while I am performing my inspection.

At least in my geographic area, it is a good thing to not have them. There is an agent present, INSIDE the home for the full inspection. Never had a scheduling conflict although some of them get a little antsy if the inspection goes long for various reasons.

Bingo…I’m with Mike and John Shishilla all day long on this one.

YES…I had to search Google to find out what a CBS code was?

EDIT: I’m not in FL so my input might not be worth much…

I have never asked an agent for the CBS code. When I got the key, I asked the realtor’s association rep how to get the code. He told me to just call the association. He said that most realtors didn’t know the codes on their lock boxes. I just call the association with the serial number and they give me the code.

It only becomes a problem if the box is from Osceola county. Then I have to wait for the association to call the agent.

We have one- Great to have as John said- Used it today… I always ensure that its OK to use. Always ask if there is a Alarm. Very rare to have CBS code… If so I call the listing agent- They typically know we are going to be on site

Agree. I’ve had one for the past 4 or 5 years and it has been an asset to me (many agents seem to like the fact that I have one). While I’m supposed to ask for a CBS code, I’ve never had to enter one to gain access. I stopped asking for a code a long time ago.

Oh yeah!:oops::|.)