CDC and State of Maine co-hosting Carbon Monoxide seminar.

CDC and the State of Maine are co-hosting a Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention National Research and Response Agenda Meeting July 12 & 13 in Portland, ME. The meeting will focus on both surveillance and communication issues for both emergency-related and non-emergency related carbon monoxide poisoning prevention, with the goals of:

· Identifying useful and accessible data sources for doing routine, emergent, and disaster surveillance for CO poisoning;
· Developing a set of best practices for public health surveillance of carbon monoxide poisoning
· Determining the best use of limited surveillance and epidemiological resources to inform targeting of communication efforts to address specific audiences and risk behaviors
· Developing an effective dissemination plan for CO messages based on surveillance data, audience research, and meeting participant knowledge of individual audiences; and
· Developing plans for both process (tracking) evaluation of communication and impact/outcome evaluation that can provide a basis for improvement of communication efforts in both the long and short term.

A final product from the meeting will be a national public health surveillance strategy which will likely rely on inspectors. A limited number of travel scholarships may be available. For more information on the meeting, contact Allison Stock at . If you are interested in taking advantage of a travel scholarship, please email Allison by May 15th.

Probably won’t be going to that one. Too damn far…