CDC fictitious COVID numbers


Well, then I am just going to use your own argument against you…
-He fulfilled everything he was meant to by simply defeating McAuliffe… Anything else he does from here on out is icing on the cake…
These were pretty much your exact words about Biden…

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Fictitious numbers.

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Nice attempt at twisting the facts. It’s called nurse burnout and it’s a serious problem.

Many nurses are quitting because they are exhausted or demoralized. Others are leaving for lucrative jobs with travel nurse agencies.

Do a little research, maybe… THOUSANDS of nurses around the country have had to quit their jobs, because they refuse to get the jab…
Along with many more thousands of first responders (fire, police, etc)
NOBODY, not even the Resident of the most expensive adult care facility (US capital) has the right to demand you get a shot or lose your job!


Like you idiot?

No one disputes that vaccines have saved lives.

But are the jabs they’ve given truly vaccines?


Wall Street isn’t afraid of COVID. They are afraid of the majority of Americans learning the truth about Wall Street’s complicity in the Plandemic. Just yesterday, with tens of millions of families and friends getting together for Thanksgiving, millions of fearful minds heard another side of the story… The tragic part is that Wall Street, Big Pharma, and the medical mob are able to pull the strings to create another surge, and another variant, and more deaths, with just a wave of their magic needles.

It’s the toxic vaccines, stupid.

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I suppose he can do whatever he wants. Did he violate employment law or contractual agreements?

No body can tell me I have to put pants on to ride the subway. That’s against my human rights :slight_smile:

My daughter-in-law is an ICU nurse. 95% of the COVID patients she sees are unvaccinated.

The JIMMY CRICKET is entirely on you… I don’t live in a WONDERFUL STATE like Virginia so whatever Youngkin thinks, does, or says is meaningless, on the other hand HONERABLE GOOD GUY you will live for the next four years in Joe Biden’s America… Something your puny, powerless goLDFISH could not prevent. Ha-Ha.

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Wow, really? Last I checked we still live in a constitutional Republic, not a communistic dictatorship! Although that is what Biden and his commies want! The government does not have the authority to force us to put a substance into our bodies that we do not want.
Ever heard of the Nuremberg trials? Ever heard of the holocaust?


That’s either because everyone is considered unvaxed unless they have every single shot, including boosters, or it’s because the jab doesn’t go on the medical files unless it was done from your PCP.
If it’s done at Walgreens, Walmart, etc, they do not have access to your medical files

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As this point they’re not forcing you to do anything, unless you’re a government employee.