Cedar Deck Maintenance

I recently had a cedar deck installed and have read so many different opinions on when to seal it and with what. I understand Ready Sealis good because of it’s penetration properties. I’ve also looked at Behr and Flood sealers/waterproofers.The cedar is less than 2% moisture content. Do I let it weather or go ahead and prep it to remove the mill glaze and seal it?

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I’d prep it to remove the glaze and seal it.

I’ve not used the Ready Sealbut have used 100’s of gallons of CWF-UV5 on cedar and was pleased with the results. You must apply the 2nd within 15 to 20 minutes (read for sure) for it to take. It was a beautiful finish but as I said before cedar is a maintenance handfull on the horizontal walk/flat surface. We used it on log homes mostly and spray applied it…some with a garden pump up sprayer that worked great if you filter (pantiehose worked great) the liquid.

Enjoy your deck…:smiley:

Linas, check out Penofin oil, great product and penetrates wood better than anything I’ve used.

Wood to earth contact is a conducive condition for wood destroying organisms. Recommend providing adequate clearance between bottom edge of deck wood and earth to help prevent wood rot and possible infestation of WDOs. Repairs should be made by a qualified contractor. :mrgreen:

I will have to agree penofin is a great product, expensive, but the best on the market, well worth the extra money.

I would stay far away from Behr. Used it once, never again!! They did have a class action law suite, some years back.

You forgot to mention the non-graspable handrail :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Funny, ain’t it…

I used Behr on my home in Washington State… best results I have ever had. :smiley:

BTW… Nice deck, Linus!!! :smiley:

Great deck Linas, but I have to agree with Kevin!

When do I get to take a swim?

When are you gonna work up an honest sweat???:p:p

Used Behr, won’t again.
Used Thompsons, won’t again.
Used Olympic, won’t again.

Used Cabot Stains. Best stuff around. More spendy but lasted much longer. Made by Valspar. Good website with lots of info. www.cabotstain.com

Nice deck. Spend a warm evening with a cool brew, sitting back and watching the fireflies and “the blue tarp”?

I used Cabot stain/sealer 1 year ago, it was good to work with, and it still looks great.