Cedar Shingle Offset (Should I call this out?)

This house, constructed in 2004, doesn’t exhibit proper shingle offsets (see, especially middle of photograph). Do you call this out as a matter of course, or not sweat it? In looking at cedar shingle siding it is, of course, an intricate network of overlaps and offsets (almost dizzying). I’m trying to guage how detailed my reporting should be in this case.

Brown_Scialla_Pictures 017.jpg

Personally, I only address these issues during new construction as the contractor/subcontractor should know better.

There’s nothing wrong with writing it up in your report as an identified issue, but unless you have a significant problem associated, I see no reason to have the current homeowner reside the house.

Tim, I would write up the fact that there are three courses of shingles where the vertical butts are in line with each other. Besides that I would not worry about the horizontal butts.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, David & Peter. I appreciate it.

Not bad young fella, I missed that. 1&1/2" right?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yes, Marcel, a 1 1/2" offset is required. :slight_smile: :wink: