Cedar unavailable

I just found out the other day that the workers in the cedar mills are on strike and have been for awhile.

I tried to get a price on 6’’ clapboards and was told there is none until the strike is over.

Anyone one else hear about this?


Barry, good info, thanks

A poster on the JLC forum just got done mentioning the outrageous price he had to pay just one or two days ago.


All of the lumber yards in my area are out of stock.

I needed 7000 s.f. of cedar siding for my project a month ago and scrammble to find some and had to go to two suppliers to get it and depleted what they had.

No more cedar is available at this time in Maine. All due to this strike.

Needed some cedar fascia trim and could not find any.
We were able to find cypress as a substitute and the Architect approved the change of species because of the shortage.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is just one more confirmation on just how important.
USA and Canada are to each other and how great it is we do get along better then most other countries in the world do.
I sure how it always continues for ever.
… Cookie


Ditto for me Roy, well said!!