Ceiling fan wiring...need info.

Is this ok…or should I recommend consultation with an electrician ?
My take is: should the wire be in conduit or behind the wall.




Acceptable in my area.

If that is a listed wireway, I see no problem other than aesthetics.

Not something that appeals to everyone but it does have it place.

it’s fine other than ugly David…

I would not write it up because that wiring method is acceptable. However, I might question if the ceiling box is rated for the fan hanging load.

If the ceiling box is not the sole support for the fan it does not need to be rated for fan support.

Is the ceiling angled (as in cathedral) or is the fan swinging wildly ?

Based upon the second photo the ceiling is sloped.

Not the preferred method but as long as it conforms to the Manufacturers installation instructions then it should be ok.

Very common practice and widely accepted in my location.

True, but given the wiring method it is very likely that the box is the only support fotr the fan.