Ceiling Fans

Stupid question but I’ll ask anyway. Does the IRC state that ceiling fans should be or are required to be hardwired? Thanks!

OK I’ll bite (stupid answer #1) what else could they be? :shock:

A permanent installation requires permanent wiring :wink:

Am I to take it that you have seen one that plugs in?



Got to be a good story to go along with this.:eek:

It’s a Darwin requirement. :wink:

Pictures, please!

Something like this? :shock:


  • Swag kits are available if you wish to have a super-easy installation and a degree of portability in a ceiling fan. These replace the above-ceiling wiring job. In this case, though, the hanger bracket is screwed directly into a ceiling joist.

  • The swag kit is wired into the fan, and the fan assembled as described earlier. Then slip it into the hanger bracket.

  • The chain and cord are hung from hooks carried across the ceiling, toward a wall and down the wall, where the cord plugs into a handy receptacle.

  • A swag-mounted ceiling fan can be taken down in a few minutes and moved to another location.

Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions**. :D**