Ceiling Joist Question & Rafter question


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy :slight_smile:

I was inspecting the attic of a 1950’s FL home today and came across a few things I haven’t run into before.

I noticed newly installed spacer blocks in-between the roof rafters and roof sheathing. Is that acceptable?

I noticed a few Ceiling Joists not connected where they join in the middle of the structure on a load bearing wall?

Any insight would be much appreciated.



Good catch Dustin,
The two (blocks and joists) are likely related. Rafter spread and ridge sag due to ceiling joists not being fastened. This however would be best diagnosed by a structural engineer.


Dustin, was there new roofing on the home?

Yes, the shingles were just replaced.

They may have removed metal roofing and replaced it with shingles. Hence adding the plywood and blocking to support that.

But Russell is right. It would be best diagnosed by a structural engineer.


Thanks Larry, I didn’t think of that possibility.

Welcome, Dustin… :smile:

Ceiling joists not attached at the midspan lap isn’t great but will serve if adequately attached to the midspan wall top plate.
I think Russ is right. This is a correction for rafter tie failure, including spreading of the exterior walls and sagging of the ridge. I’m guessing that the ridge and rafters were both shimmed in this manner toward the middle of the ridge length.

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