Cell Phone reception...

Just had my roof replaced with a metal one, now I have no cell phone reception, anyone know how to get around this? An antenna maybe? Thanks

Go to the window, stick your head and phone outside for reception.


You can also check into something called a femtocell. I’m considering one from my home as I have marginal coverage when inside.

Call your provider and tell them you no longer have service inside your home.

Don’t mention femtocell as each provider calls them something else.

I used to work in countless warehouses as a food inspector. They all had to finally install antenna wiring throughout the buildings at the undersides of the roof, and install amplifiers to power it. Expensive.

You can buy an external antenna/booster/repeater for your cell for around the 200-300 range, Make SURE your booster covers the specific frequency your provider uses, and dont switch providers right away.

They have cell phones in Monroe?

A couple of old Cling Peach cans and piece of string.

Thanks ML, I will call AT&T tommorow if I live through my therapy. :smiley:

Yeah Buddy…over at the county lock up! :wink:

Thanks everybody.