Cell phone vs tablet

Hi everyone, was hoping some of you could share your experience. As a brand new HI I was wondering if I should get a nice tablet or iPad to do all my work on. For in the field and at home, or if I shouldn’t worry about it and just stick with my cell phone and desktop combo? What software should I try if I wanted to go iOS, etc… thanks!

You will get opinions from both sides prob, but I have never tried using a tablet on site.
I have too many other tools to worry about, a tablet would be too bulky in my opinion.
Especially when on a roof or in an attic, I couldn’t imagine trying to traverse with a tablet.

For me it wouldn’t save any time, because if I need to adjust comments, I do it on my desktop anyways. Or my voice to text on my phone.


Same here, in the field a tablet is too bulky and I am so much faster with a phone.

Many opinions on this just search the forum. I use Tap Inspect which is currently only IOS based. I use an iPhone on-site, and review the report just before sending it on an iPad.


Don’t use either. I just take photos.


I do what Tony does with my older home inspections. 95% of my work is new home, 11 month warranty and pre-drywall. These reports easily get published at the threshold.


I’m with Bob - I just take photos and insert them. I’d start with the cheapest way first and go from there so you don’t spend money you don’t need to. Since you most likely already have a phone I’d try that first. I couldn’t imagine trying to lug a tablet with me everywhere I go on an inspection. Camera and phone in my pockets, laptop on the kitchen counter works for me.

I use both. iPhone and a iPad. The iPad fits well in my tool belt and takes better pictures of the simple shots. I use the phone in crawl spaces and attics or hard to reach areas. I don’t do onsite reporting but do all my reports on my iPad. A lot of photos will sync to the iPad, but if they don’t I simply Airdrop them which takes virtually little time. I go through all the photos an edit the ones that need it prior to them going into the report.

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