Cell Towers

Not inspected but part of the inspection…

Would have been interesting to have a EMF meter handy…

100’ away it may not exceed the RF you get holding a phone up to your head.
BTW no handheld for me. I have a “car phone” with external antenna.

You goin’ up?!??

Hi to all,

I see (and inspect the attachement of) a lot of cell towers on commercial buildings.




I did a cell tower inspection last week. 15 minutes= $50 :smiley:

I did inspections on a lot of radio equipment shelters and towers for the Florida DOT, corrections and police. They all seemed to be working off the same mastered plan but no two really looked alike. As in most of my inspections with the state I just did code compliance “as built”. In the case of radio stations the practices generally exceed the code by a large factor. Lots of grounding. The tower itself comes in as an engineered kit that gets assembled from several large chunks. I didn’t climb it to see the headstamp on all the bolts. :wink:

What do you say about 'em Gerry? “Yup,… their connected” :mrgreen:

Hi Pete,

what I say is “can you hear me now” :smiley:

But seriously I check that the mounting system is adequately attached to the roof and that is is properly flashed if the roof syrface has been compromised.



RF radiation is nothing to mess with if you do not know what the safety regulations are.

These standards have been tested and are different based on power, distance, antenna gain. and frequency.

Remember that we cook with it.

I have the burns to prove it.

It is all voltage and current just different frequency. It reacts with the human body depending on many factors.

I will only inspect a radio (cell) antenna site if all safety standards are met.

Richard Bennett USN ETCSS ret. - FCC firstclass phone - radar endorsement (expired) – NAPER certified (expired)