Cement Landing

Hey Guys-

I guess its my week for landing questions so here goes question number 2. I’ve seen this twice now in one week and both times its had me wondering. Is there a certain thickness per span length that these landings should adhere to? I imagine it depends on concrete strength and internal reinforcement; but what would you recommend on this? The span was about 3’-6" across, built in the 1960s, and obviously some evident cracking on the top.

Because of the cracking and deterioration on this one I planned to call it out, but in the one I had earlier in the week, it was a little thicker and no cracking and I didn’t call it out. Just wondering if there are any specs to work off of for this type of install.


As you said, it depends on how the concrete is reinforced. Four-inch slabs can span 20 feet and still support a vehicle if properly reinforced.

The lack of hand & guard rails is more of an immediate concern.

I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable with it if not reinforced. (It’s been there 40 to 50 years, so it probably is.)

Looks good from here. I have removed several landings and stairways similar to this one and they can be extremely stubborn. But take care of the settling cracks to limit moisture infiltration.


But take care of the cracks to stop moisture infiltration as it may/will cause rebar/mesh to rust and lose strength.

Thanks guys.