Censorship of members?

That information is given out on a need-to-know basis…and WE don’t need to know!!!:shock:

Nice Avatar for member of the year. Seriously, why does it bother any members, that harmful statements to all Nachi members, should not be made where the public can read them? I don’t understand.

Blaine, there is a big difference between criticizing InterNACHI and trying to defame and harass individual members using their own message board.

Sounds like non-members who show proper manners will not be affected…
and members can duke it out in the members only section.

Yep. And as always, I do not access the members-only section. It is a free from Nick and non-members zone.

I wish that many of the “hot topic” posts would be posted in the members only section. It has been much better since the elections have been completed and MOST people have been willingly posting in the not for everyone thread. Le’ts try to keep it that way.

"why the change"

Membership shrinkage?

Yes, ASHI’s membership shrinkage is causing them to try to slow us down by sending over their attackers.

It hasn’t worked. We get more new members every day than they get all month: www.nachi.org/memberstats.htm

I guess I can not give you a greenie for this anymore.

Dale, Chris found a solution for this as well. If a moderator continues to delete posts (which sends them back into the unapproved que) and those posts are re-approved over and over by fellow members, the moderator becomes known as “statistically trigger happy” and will eventually lose his/her moderator status.

He’s really thought this one out.

That’s another issue, Nick. If we, as members, have an issue with INACHI that isn’t resolved with personal communications, and we, as members, want to bring it to the membership, we can no longer do so, as you don’t go to the members only section (wink, wink), and we can’t, as you already posted, “air dirty laundry” in the non-members section where you post, then you have effectively eliminated the members ability to call an issue out…

Sounds like the biggest conflict in INACHI is trying to run a member organization as a dictatorship…

Oh pleeeeeze stop! :shock:

You’re digging a hole Nick.

ASHI sending over their attackers??? What was it you said, Nick, when ASHI kicked you out in the 90s, “they unleashed a tiger” or something along those lines…I think the attacker you are referring to is one that YOU unleashed! But that is just one member’s opinion…:cool:

He must be trying to get more members in China. :smiley:

Although I am not a Home Inspector, I believe that my posts and considered contributions are worthwhile.

But now, I may as well not get involved in any fervent ongoing discussions, since my posts need to be held in limbo status until moderated.

Also, as a contributor to this forum, although not a Home Inspector, I now find that many of the forums are now closed off to me and labeled private.

I apologize if I seem a bit miffed at that, but it sure seems like a very broad brush slap in the face to those who seemingly do not deserve to be censored and banned from worthwhile forum content.

So yes, it does affect quality active non-members who attempted to contribute to continuing educational development on worthwhile topics.


And it starts.

It began with the 2008 Member of the Year, Barry Adair…and continues with Mr. Falko and those to follow.

Censorship will kill this board.

I find it disturbing that some low-brow NACHI bully now has control over your worthwhile contributions, it is a sad day for NACHI and all of us have now become poorer in the quest for protection and security.

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” ~ Ben Franklin

Jim, why is it I want to agree with you, and this is a first.
Welcome back.:slight_smile: