Central Florida 1-day educational meeting in Orlando, April 15, All-Star lineup!




Short notice for a meet on Easter weekend but will try to get there

Do not see subjects on the agenda that I feel need to be addressed but we will see

Needless to say I am not impressed

Wonder how all the food is being payed for? Could it be some of the $$ left over from the last event??

I am willing to be shown that I am out of line – if I am ??? and willing to stand up and say so


Carl donated $1000 of his winnings from the truck to the Central Florida Chapter.

And that is what is paying for the food??


I have no idea how the funds are being used.

Are we saying that there was no $$ left over from the last event??



That makes two of us



This is the chapter that you started

What happened?

And now you have started another one

Just trying to get some background history here – no problem just can’t connect all the dots


I am sure Dennis will use the money I gave him over a few meetings, I don’t think he would spend $1,000 on food. I’m hoping the money money will help over a few meetings. I also don’t think we need another chapter in the Central Florida area as it would just just become silly with to many meetings. It would be up to to Greg and Dennis but I think it would be a good idea for them to join forces and make one very good chapter maybe have one meeting in Orlando the next month on the Space Coast and so on. Whist Dennis may not put on many meeting the ones he does do are normally very good. If we have the chapters run independently of each other we could end up having 3 meetings a month how many people are going to give up that much time to go to that many meeting’s.
I don’t think I can make Saturday’s meeting as I all ready have plans so all those who do go I hope you enjoy the food!!!