Ceramic tile on rubber roof?

How would others (if any) call out or would you call out ceramic tile installed on top of rubber roofing material?

I am no pro but I feel I should say this is substandard or totally wrong. Then I feel if I post the question out here I may be educated and find it is not wrong at all.

So feel free to educate…




You need to provide a lot of missing information, and the photos aren’t very good.

Is this a roof surface or a balcony? Is it a porch? Is it meant for walking, tile or not? What type of subfloor is there, and what exactly is the underlayment or roofing material you refer to? How was the tile installed? What type of drainage is provided?

We tile balconies. porches, etc. all the time around here, so it is certainly common, if the installation methods are correct. Details matter for this application.

Well truly yes it is a balcony so it is meant for walking. It is off of master bedroom. It is above a walkway at grade. The sub flooring and such all I can see is the rubber roofing material so that is pretty much all I have for more detail. How it drains I would say the slight pitch is its drain. It appeared to me to lay directly on the rubber so I felt this itself was the issue.

The 3rd photo was added after I posted an answer.

How was ceramic tile attached to this rubber? Maybe it’s a tile membrane/underlayment or uncoupling membrane.

Seen them done this way.