Cert-A-Roof seeking NACHI members.


From the web site:

Full use of our proprietary and proven
“Patent-pending” system puts you on the cutting edge of the roofing
services industry.

I wonder what that system entails, any ideas ???

I will be interested in learning more, I formerly was a roofing contractor and I was often asked to perform inspections for homeowners, realtors, insurance companies and even manufacturers. I think I will play the skeptic wondering how this works…is it based on the law of large numbers? Are the chances of a roof leaking low enough to collect the money and save it for the payoff of the one that does leak?
If it is a good system I am all for it, with my past in roofing this could be an easy sell for me.
I will look forward to learning more.

Look close at their website. They want you to become a franchisee…


I spoke to some one up there. They are looking for franchisees. They are not looking for inspectors at this time.

Whatever this system is, he said it was Dade County approved.