Cert Building Contractor doing wm without taking wm course

I am looking for the legal documents or better to show a local CBC that he is required to take the UMVI
( WM ) course to complete the report as well as his non licensed employee who he is allowing him to do under his CBC lic number.
He is a licensed CBC , but never took the WM class, confirmed by the DBPR.
I know the GC/CBC class does not teach the WM course. Any assistance would be helpful.
The FL statue 627.711 states “The qualified Inspector who…”
He has never taken the class, am I correct?

I do not believe you are correct. However, CBC are required to take continuing education which has 2 hours of wind mitigation training.


As you can see on the citizens website all that contractors are required to have is a license to perform these inspections.

he has not completed the CE, the 3 hr, or the 16 hr class.

Also, as long as his employee is not an independent contractor, and possesses the requisite skill, knowledge, and experience, to conduct a mitigation verification inspection, he can do these inspections under the GC’s license.

being a GC or a CBC does not train you on how to do a wind mit. Any GC or CBC on this thread?
You must take a class to be able to be competent in whatever your working on, either its HVAC or a Roof system.
Why wouldnt a CBC just take the class and be done with it?

The employee is not a licensed anything and has never taken a class either. Just a employee using his license number

Doesn’t matter that is how the law was written. Im sorry to burst your bubble and I get it. However, the state basically wrote the law and said those 4 other industry licensor’s are better then the lowly home inspector in this case.

He doesn’t have to so he won’t. Yes it would be better if he did.

627.711 states Qualified … What makes someone qualified ? I have 3 different WM certs… Im qualified… He has zero and his employee has zero … Who trained who ?

Les, your not bursting my bubble. Guys like the CBC Im discussing is hurting EVERYONE that has completed the wm course. I wont bring up his price because you will automatically know whom I am taking about in NE Florida.
The CLIB states you must have the 3 hr class for any contractor that completes the report. I want a GC or a CBC to jump into this conversation for clarification

One is already here

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Les, did you take the WM class to learn how to do it ?

yes, but way back when we first started these things I was not required to have one.

back in 2010 I take it. But you took the class and got certified. It shows your are qualified .
If I were to audit you 5 times and all 5 times you failed my audit and I questioned your training or the ability to do a report correctly. Id be correct saying your not properly trained and nether is your employee.

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow , cheers

yes I took the class a long time ago. Im not disagreeing with you. Anyone who does them will and does benefit from taking the training. I learn something everytime I take the course. As the law is written the GC would be ok but the employee would not.

All 5 times, the employee did the report and I failed each audit .
I called the CBC out on it and well , Im on here finding answers.
Can you share the legal ?

No I can’t direct you to the legal but if I was going to pursue this I would contact the DBPR and find out from them.

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I have been with Internachi, DBPR, CLIB, and the OIR.
Interpretation from all of them is different. Some do not like what I have shared with them at all.
Changes need to be made on the 1802 form to remove the employee.

I don’t agree with the law as written either but no-one asked me. When this whole thing with home inspectors licensing started these other trades were well established and licensed so they gave them what appears to me to be a higher value or authority than home inspectors. So yes this law should definitely be revisited.

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