Certificates held hostage

I wanted to download courses I’ve completed and noticed that Nachi is asking for feedback prior to each certificate downloaded. Give us a break please. I think the members have better things to do with their time than to fill out surveys just to get their certificates (30 for me). What a crock!:twisted:
Who makes up these asinine rules?

Well with so many taken can we guess you like the courses ?

1] Yes
2] No
3] Maybe
4] They could be improved give suggestions below ]

Life is rough.

At your site.

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If I was you I’d call Nate, maybe he can help you out.

nice one Bob!

nice one Bob!

I will say, that survey needs to be reduced to only a few questions. I do appreciate the fact that we are asked if we have actually participated in the online discussion and if we have actually read the articles before the certificate is issued.
Asking us how we rate the course 4 times, each question worded differently is a little frustrating.

Amazing how many jerk-offs come out of the woodwork when a member has something to complain about. I’ve been a member since 2008 with only 20 post, I guess I knew what I was dealing with from back then.

The courses are FREE! Is a 30-second survey that big a deal? I’m sure the feedback can be useful if there’s something about a course that can be improved. If you did the survey and got your certificate after each course, you wouldn’t have to be doing 30 surveys now…


The post-course survey is a requirement of nearly every agency that approves our courses. EPA requires it. IDECC requires it. Nearly every state requires it. ARELLO requires it. U.S. Department of Education requires it.

Well, if you don’t like filling out the survey for the FREE courses, you can** buy **them for about $100 each to get your credits at some other places :mrgreen:

Unfortunately the credits don’t apply in my state.

And that place will still ask for a survey as well.

Every post high-school class I’ve taken from any source on any topic has asked for a post class survey.

In college, at the end of every quarter, a survey for every class.
Music school, survey.
Computer classes, survey.
Home Inspector training, survey.

I hate surveys. They are never correct. Most high school students answer the wrong way just to spite people. They continue to do so. Marketing companies fail when they listen to them.

I will never bother my clients with them.

That’s what I do when I’m coerced into taking a survey, especially when the Association of Realtors send me agent and broker surveys after they sell my information causing me to be deluged with junk mail.

Nathan Thornberry got a job with a REALTOR association? :wink:

Oh Nick … that was nasty :wink:

I do the survey and answer honestly. It is part of a way to know that we actually took the course and can provide feedback. I get a free course for learning, which is awesome and I answer a questionaire at the end that takes me a few minutes. Can’t understand the complaints.

BTW: Some of the feedback we get is super helpful and is how our courses evolve and improve over time.