Certification Process

I am having a hard time knowing if I am moving toward certification in the correct order. While I find information on what is required to get certified, I do not find information that tells the proper order of the steps. I have completed coursework, and have 25 parallels complete (5 to go). I have been told by some that the order doesn’t matter as long as you get all the steps needed complete and forwarded with your application, but someone else has said you have to submit the application first, then you can do parallels. So, is it 1st complete all the steps, then apply, or was I supposed to apply, then complete all the other steps. Any input is appreciated. My trainer hasn’t been through the process for a long time and isn’t sure himself.

Once you pay your dues you should receive an email explaining what needs done.

Maybe I could be more clear. I am referring to Certification with the state of Arizona. I am a dues paying member of NACHI and working on NACHI’s requirements too. NACHI’s requirements are pretty clear to me, but the State of Arizona requirements is where I cannot find the proper order of things to proceed. I am hoping to find a weekend answer. If not I will contact BTR of AZ for a Monday answer. Thanks anyway!

Check out www.nachi.org/arizona