Gotta love it when common sense prevails:

*“It was reasonable for Mr. Fraser to assume that when he was dealing with Mr. Bouchard, he was also dealing with Pillar to Post Inc. and could look to that corporation for damages should there be a breach of contract or negligence.”

Thank-you, Mr. Squad!!

(My! My!! What an odd last name. I’ve heard the nickname “Bull” before though.)

My pleasure. Its always fun to back up my posts and statements with facts rather than opinions, which are a dime a dozen. :slight_smile: :wink:

Mr. Squad :mrgreen:

Mr Squad:

It appears they are still watching and don’t like when logic, reasoning are used and the right decisions are made by our courts!!!

Certification 8/10/08 4:03 PM Ray’s buddy no doubt.

Watch the language guys. We have kids on this site.


You have a few rogue members who should clean up their vocabulary! Punish the ones who leave such disgusting messages. Its time for the rating system was upgraded so that the people leaving messages automatically have their name associated with their posts.

There is no excuse whatsoever for anyone to leave such disgusting messages given that the exchanges have all been clean and informative.

A few bad apples are ruining what you have built and tarnishing your name as well and that of InterNachi.

I have to agree. A few cuss words here and there is OK, but let’s not get too graphic. Seems a lot that we do here is the subject of student reports and Science Fairs, especially all the green stuff we’re into www.nachi.org/green.htm Let’s not get too descriptive.

Boy Scouts of America working with InterNACHI on a green project too.


We are all familiar with some of the foul words used in everyday language. However when it becomes necessary for a few rogues to demonstrate their ignorance in the manner in which they demonstrate you have to question their sanity.

As far as Nachi being green thats a great idea. I am an avid and active conservationist. Just recently I had the Conservation Authority out to correct a weir on the creek which runs through my property, a avid supporter of Trout Unlimited, and sit as VP on the BOD of a 380 acre provincial park.

Keep up the good work on the green project!

Nick I think you need to set the record straight with this moron who left this message just few minutes ago.

It looks like someone doesn’t like being shown up by me posting accurate verifiable info on a free and open board. One does not have to be a member to post here, that is a well know fact, oft repeated by you and endorsed by you. Who do you suppose this member is that thinks otherwise by showing his ignorance?

Who needs standing when the board is an open and you don’t have to be a member?

I have to agree that we have a handful of members who could better make their points if they weren’t so full of language that requires InterNACHI to delete them.

I really don’t see the logic in winning the battle by making a great witty point, which remains etched in stone on this message board for all to read forever… only to lose the war by including something that requires the whole post to be deleted.