Certified Master Inspector website now in French.


Awesome…two useless websites for CMI’s. How else will you spend our organizations money besides promotion yourself?

Thank you Nick for creating a French version of the CMI site.

Wow! What a nice surprise and it means a lot to me.

I Believe that this gesture will help CMI and InterNACHI’s credibility amongst all French speaking Canadians.

Cheers, Marc-Andre

As the Certified Master Inspector professional designation spreads around the world, we’re busy creating mirrored sites in seven additional languages.

Thanks Marc. Certified Master Inspector is Registered Trademark in Canada too: http://certifiedmasterinspector.org/canadian-government-awards-certified-master-inspector-trademark

All Certified Master Inspectors were grandfathered by regulation when the most recent Province in Canada adopted home inspector licensing.

Worth repeating!


Cant wait to get hired in France. LOL

You might have better luck in Mexico :razz: It’s a little closer. :smiley:

Thanks Nick.
I see you added a language layer. I applaud the work.

Blazing Saddles- The French Mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Marc will help promote him with his freebee. Opps…

I just returned from Europe (U.K and the Netherlands) and the market there seems to be yearning for the kind of leadership InerNACHI can generate. And adapting to local languages is a must and, again here, InterNACHI is breaking the ground. Bravo!


English and French are international languages.

Most graduate schools require knowledge of at least one foreign language, and French remains the most commonly used language after English.
The French-speaking zone accounts for 19% of world trade in goods.
43 countries on 5 continents speak French.

French is the 2nd most frequently taught language (English is first).
I wish my Provencal political leader of they day would quite lying to the populous and separating our dam country.
83% of the population are French speaking yet she is worried about Montreal business sector.

NOTE: French is the international language of cuisine, fashion, personal car products, architecture, art theatre, and dance globe so learning French is a great opportunity for cultural growth and exchange.
I still like business growth myself. Ever hear the term starving cultural artist? Just saying what others are think’en.

I sit next to Alysse (our French translator) and listen to her on the phone. She could cuss you out in French and it sounds like poetry. A beautiful language.

I can hear Alysse cuss me out for my last line statement. Sorry Alysse.
My wife was from a small town in France and could barely speak English.
Look it only makes sense to have all 3 languages and cents make dollars.

Nick, whats Alysse doing cussing out people on the phone. HA HA HA.