Certified Master Inspector Will Decker in the news.

That was a good read. Will knows his stuff.

Yep, hard hat area for sure. Nice going Will.

way to go Will

Good info, Will. And, I not sure a hard hat would make much difference with a gargoyle falling 3 stories…:shock:

These aren’t just any buildings - they’re Chicago icons dotting downtown and anchoring city neighborhoods. In September, a gargoyle fell from one landmark building and killed a 34-year-old woman as she was walking by.

Good job Will.

Looks like jobs jobs and more jobs for Chicago.

Never thought much about the dangers that could be lurking above, but there aren’t many skyscrapers in my state. Be careful, and always take notice of your surroundings, beside, below, and above!

Great stuff Will !!!


WHAT…was Mr. Decker arrested yet again?:twisted:

Nah just bustin your gonads…Congrats Mr. Decker…very talented man, Congrats !

LOL Paul, seriously, nicely done Will.

Yea for you will, I was on our local news at WDTN.com last Friday.