Certified Needs Assessment Inspection

Does anyone have any info on these. I had a local realtor ask me to do some of his rental units. I have looked them up on the internet and it seems fairly simple. However, do you have an example of a report, etc? Thanks for helping me out. $100 per unit - 24 units :slight_smile:

Are you referring to PNA/ADA Assessments? I did these for DDN, their report forms. I would think the Nachi ADA forms would work just as well.

Where can I find this ADA form? I searched NACHI.org and had no luck.

This inspection is not for handicapped as in Americans with Disabilities Act. It is for assessing the needs for capital outlays over the next specified period concerning average life expectancies for a/c, heaters, roofing, etc.

Looks like it is part of the COMSOP… see sect 14… http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm#14

You can purchase the actual 3-part forms through the Certified Nachi Store… http://www.certifiednachistore.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_ID=32

THANK YOU!!! I will look into it. For that kind of money - I can do it:)

Yes you can!

Sorry wrong kind of inspection - it is not for ADA it is for assessing the capital outlays that will be needed to maintain the property over a specified time frame given teh average life expectancy of a/c, heaters, roofing, etc - ever heard of that kind of inspection?

The realtor claims it is a CNA - I looked online and it is a Certified Needs Assessment Inspection. No inspectors around here have heard of them and that is why he cannot get one done. My price is rising - ha - ha Anyway, his bank wants the inspection for his loans

No, I haven’t done one of those. I suspect it is similar to what sometimes is needed for condo’s.

Should be someone here who can help.

THANK YOU for trying. Hopefully, somebody around here can help. He wants me to get with him and begin inspections at the end of this week.

Try calling Will Decker in the Chicago area. He is a great help with this sort of thing.

Yes sir - Thank You!

Do you mean a reserve study?

Probably the same thing just a different terminology. Seems similar. THANK YOU!!!

Sounds exactly like a reserve study. If you’ve never done them it’s not as easy as you think. I refer requests to Jeff Merritt from our Chicago Chapter. Maybe Jeff’s willing to take a cruise down to Mississippi to help you out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank You! I will give him a call. THANK YOU!

This inspection is covered under ASTM E2018-08. It is actually a Property Condition Assessment. I just need to find the report format.

Which states require condos to have reserve studies?

I am unsure if it is required by a state - This realtor stated that it is a property that he owns and manages and his banker wanted the info.