Certified pre Owned Homes

Why when I tend to look at these People do I get a ** Very ** sour **Bitter **taste in my mouth ,They all lead a very tangled life .
Looks to me like they all are out to Screw the Canadian Home Inspectors .
Many want to use NACHI to further them selves . It to me is just a big vortex all leading back to the start .
Gee I am glad we have NACHI… Roy … Stand by This should bring a bunch of denials and Roy knows nothing

The whole thing is very interesting. It looks like it might originally have been from the US (http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/business-operations-home-inspectors-commercial-inspectors/5130-certified-pre-owned-homes.html).

It’s also interesting who’s an “approved” inspector…and the President of CAHPI (Bill Sutherland) is already in there representing them?

Why aren’t other associations approved…CAHPI does not represent the industry!!! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a conflict and way to much liability in the first place, but why CAHPI?

I don’t like the idea of paying fees to participate…or doing the re-inspection at 50% of the original fees…and what happens if the inspection is not as good as the realtor wants, will they still disclose the inspection results to protect the inspectors behind?

Somebody should be shutting this down…NOT promoting it! It’s not unlike those programs that were being promoted 5-10 years ago. What are the “LEADERS” of CAHPI smoking!!!

In may, they’re exhibiting here http://www.realtorquest.ca/1Exhibitors/ExhibitorsList.htm … along side OAHI / CAHPI-Ontario as well as other inspectors.

OMG…this might explain why I don’t like it: http://www.aciss.ca/b-sellers.htm](http://www.aciss.ca/b-sellers.htm)

Must Post all Certified Pre-Owned Home listings to the www.Certifiedpreownedhomes.ca website


If you check part way down, home inspectors register with them along with realtors too I think. Sounds like a conflict?

See Press realease(?) here: http://advancedcoachingblog.com/certified-pre-owned-homes-now-in-canada/](http://advancedcoachingblog.com/certified-pre-owned-homes-now-in-canada/)

Dumb version of www.MoveInCertified.com IMHO.

Look like too many association directors are getting in bed with the realestate industry, Sure not opperating at arms length , I wonder are they a for profit group using their affiliation with the various groups . Limited membership 1/2 price re inspections

Stay away, this is nothing but a liability in my view.

Somebody should be shutting this down…NOT promoting it! It’s not unlike those programs that were being promoted 5-10 years ago. What are the “LEADERS” of CAHPI smoking!!!

They have been smoking the weed purchased with the missing monies, that’s what!

Along with first class airline tickets and $500 per day per diems and the $25K in annual business expenses by the president of CAHPI.

Again I will ask does CMHC know what the hell is going on?

Why should CMHC care? They have not given CAHPI any funding for years. Any money in question came from either CAHPI members or applicants for the national certification.

CAHPI no longer offers the national certification so there is not a connection between CMHC and CAHPI at all. No money from CMHC or any government source was ever misused.

CMHC has also almost completed their full banishing of CAHPI from their publications an websites. CAHPI once had the ear of CMHC and other government agencies, but the Sutherland regime has managed to fritter that away.

The CAHPI members should be raising hell, but most are just sitting on their hands as usual. I am aware, however, of an uprising in BC, and some angry rustling in Alberta, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. It likely means the end of CAHPI National, because CAHPI has no inspector members and has abandoned its reason to exist, which was the NCP.

With the NHICC now in charge of the NCP, CAHPI’s office must be sprouting dust and cobwebs.

…and yes, CMHC is very aware of what is going on.

Bill Mullen

Perhaps not currently but they have in the past, and the misuses have occurred in the past.

If that’s the case send me the financials from CAHPI, money from CMHC went into the National which at the time was administered by CAHPI. Plus without an full audit no one can be assured anything.

I would like to think you know what is going on Bill but only seem to acknowledge things after they are posted on the NACHI site .
If You now what is going on you are confirming the self appointed are a secret group only out for them selves and care less about this industry in Canada.
I am glad NACHI allows you and your cohorts the ability to show just how selfish and one sided they are .

MoveInCertified homes have been pre-inspected by InterNACHI certified inspectors.

Certain long term members claim that INACHI does not certify inspectors…what’s up?? Do they have to be certified somewhere else and then join INACHI??

I can’t speak for others.

Avoid, deflect, dissemble…Since this is your baby, you could at least correct your members when/if they misrepresent the outcomes of joining the organization. Clarification needed from the leader!