Certified Thermographer

I have my certification and am looking to be sent out by inspectors to check for water intrusion and moisture.
Please e mail
I am in Los Angeles.

What certification?

No web site?

Wow. Not an inspector. She is a real estate agent. :roll:

Can you be a member & not a home inspector?

Certified home inspectors with last names starting with "Winston"
Sorry, but we weren’t able to find any certified InterNACHI members matching your search.

What type of moisture can you detect?:mrgreen:

Just have to pass the easy test.

Paying the money is the important part:roll:

Yes. There are a number of people that perform other types of inspections besides full home inspections. They are Members but are specifically not included in the search engine function or list of home inspectors.

If somebody just wanted to do say 4 point or mold inspections only, they could be members and would just not be listed in the search / membership roles.

Yep, there have even been vendors here that are not home inspectors! :mrgreen:

They came on here, and became members, to push their wares, and to piss off and even threaten inspectors who did not wish to purchase gimmicks and collect client data! :wink:

Unless someone is water damage certified, I wouldn’t be calling them.