Certified Well Sampler Approved in Tennessee

I am pleased to announce that the great State of Tennessee has approved our Certified Well Sampler course as approved continuing education for Home Inspectors.

With this great news, I am pleased to also announce that we will be bringing this course to Tenessee within the next couple of months!



Where do you think woud be the best place or places to hold the course?

Bring it

Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis.

If only one chose. Then I would go with the airport side of Nashville.

Nashville is best for me, and is also the easiedt to fly into.

The day after Paul’s electric course may help some people with traveling ??

Whatever you guys want. I can do a Saturday in one city and drive to a location for Sunday.

I can come the day after Paul A, if there’s enough interest.

You call it.

I’ll bring it.

Someome call me.

I’m glad you said this!

I have to fly quite often for the company I work for now & I HATE the Memphis airport.

Count me in on the course.

I live in central Alabama ( Tuscaloosa ) and would love to come but please don’t have it on Sunday. Anywhere in Nashville is fine.


Why not pick this up and run with it. Call me.

My number is 845-300-3440

Let’s set this thing up…

Joe F

How many of you encounter private wells?

I may only see one a year in my travels. No matter how far out in the boondocks I go, everyone seems to have public water service. Most wells are a back up/agricultural use well if still in service.

I’d like to get an idea where the well line is drawn in the state.

Joe I’m so sorry, It’s not that I wouldn’t love to help you, but I work a full time day job thru the end of this month & one week in Feb. I leave home before 7am & it’s usually 9pm by the time I get home. That’s why I post so late on the board. I just happened to take off early today for a dental appt.

If no-one else helps you, on Friday afternoon, I’ll be off work & can try to see what I can do. How many people do you think would attend?

There are alot of private wells around this area. Even some people within city limits here have wells - don’t ask me why. The guy who bought a house near mine had a well dug just last year & we are right on the city limit line.

Many wells here on the North West end of the state.

Many wells in the east part also.

The fact that the course covers wells is but a part of it.

It covers water quality, source contamination, choosing a lab, site assessment, EPA and CDC information, and a host of other items. Of course, it also covers loads of info on wells.

I truly believe in this course, and actually had the owner of a Maine State Certified analytical lab in attendance at a course I gave in Portland, Maine.

He came up to me after the class and told me that he believed the information presented was vital, and that all inspectors should take it. I was blown away.

Even if you dont have many wells in your area, the information is invaluable. Besides this, I wanted to make sure that if an inspector in Tennessee chose to attend, that not only would the class be beneficial to his/her business and knowledge base, but that it counted toward them keeping their license.

I cant wait to meet all of you.

Carolyn, if you dont hear from me on Friday, please call me. For those who could help Carolyn, please do so.