Certified Well Sampler course on CD.


The information is readily available from the EPA.

http://www.epa.gov/safewater/ …and many other sites throughout the Internet.

What makes this CD offering an exceptional value?

Which Lab produced the CD?

What are the qualifications of the Producer of the CD?

According to the CMI webpage, Joe F. is HIT interactive.

Joe Farsetta, H.I.T. Interactive

The CD contains information on wells, well types, pumps, construction, sources of contamination, contaminants, metals, bacteria, toxins, health effects, filtering, sample methodologies, sample handling, etc.

Sourcing for information came from a variety of sources, including the EPA, various Departments of Health, UL, other labs, well drillers, pump companies, etc.

It is a single source for this information. It is comprehensive.

OK Guys… I’m more confused… Darn sun;) ]
NACHI now compiles free information from a government web site, puts it on a cd and sells it for 100.00 to nachi members, :roll: isn’t this information paid for by the tax payers to start with???
Out of curiosity… How much does a non nachi member have to pay for this same privilege :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

$1,000,000.00 Dollars…Heck our government “repackages” things and sells it to us over and over again…Freedom of Information.

Many people pay good money for public information put together in a nice tidy package and sold as “Informational” CD’s…Carlton Sheets does it, That crazy dude on TV with the “?” marks all over his clothes and well…many others…

What someone chooses to PAY for information is their right I guess…

Many people have made fortunes bringing useful information to a simple one stop shop approach…compiling information and putting it together takes time…time is money…and someone’s gotta get paid for that time and no one has a right to tell someone what their time is worth…:slight_smile:

Just some thoughts…

If Joe can make money doing this, more power to him!

Joe took his time and energy to look up all of the sources, and to put them on the CD. If someone feels that this is worth the price, they will buy it. Capitolism is a wonderful thing!

Folks need to be careful when compiling info for sale in this fashion, where as capitalism is a good thing, plagirism is a bad thing.

But I’m sure Joe F. is compiling and reworking the info and making a professional, useful and easily navigable product.

Dan, lets face it, you are confused a lot.:smiley: It’s ok.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yea Brian, even my wife tells me that.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now I’m ticked at nick… I’m disqualified for becoming a CMI since he raised/ doubled the CMI fee… Guess I’ll wait a little longer, the problem is, his certified inspectors in Pinal county are offering inspections for 200.00 on any home up to 3,000’ and homes over 3,000’… 225.00

Guess nick did not get the message across to charge what our services are worth on his last visit here.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The discouraging thing is one inspector called me asking how I got so much work, I took a long time giving him marketing tips, ie…tell the customer up front what you offer and give them more reasons to call you than another inspector, and provide the customer a through report to get referrals.
Guess I wasn’t a good teacher, it looks like the only thing he got out of my input was lower his prices to compete with another new nachi guy that charges 225.00 for any size house.:roll: :roll:

For all you naysayers thinking I’m complaining and bitching about nachi, forrget about it. I solved that problem real quick by buying an infrared camera and am now loosing jobs cause I can’t get them done soon enough. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Harris how much did the camera cost

If I get any calls for Infrared Camera work I’ll have them call you Dan.

Gary… $$7200 and change with tax. They have a lease purchase program with low payments but it costs another couple grand going that way.

If your thinking about buying one I would strongly suggest buying from a local distributor

I got the B cam, but I already had a problem with it and it’s back east getting repaired, I tried contacting Flir directly and could not get a live person or call back for 3 days.

After contacting the local company I bought it from they got an answer the same day, I gather dealing direct with Flir is a challenge and if you need to send it back they could have it for 30 plus days. The local distributor here is dealing with Flir for me and is handling getting the repairs done, per Flir they will have it back in 5-7 working days.

Dale…, So far I’ve only done the one day HI Infrared training.
At present I’m only marketing it for locating missing insulation on new homes, the wow factor from customers is something else, I have to admit that the builders are NOT impressed, especially when I go back and the insulation is still missing after they told the customer that it was corrected, so far I’ve used it on 70 houses, 37 had missing insulation in walls or ceilings that were not accessable from the attic, an overheating wire in service panel, leaking tile showers, and a leaking window the other day, if you get something in the east valley in the late afternoon give me a call and I’ll swing by for a coke.:wink: :wink:

I will call you Dan…I do a lot of commercial inspections, and would like to try some infrared pictures of flat roofs (especially in the winter), besides other items.

How does the camera show cooling loss from above drop ceilings? or from outside the building?

I meant to say how well does the camera show cooling loss…:smiley:

And I thought I was confused again.:smiley: :smiley:

On the color mode it shows heat in orange and yellow, and cooling in grey tones. It can detect a temp difference of 1 degree, I haven’t tried it from the exterior, too hot out there, on the inside I can see heat entry at base boards and door weather strippings, and even found a crack in a wood door a real expensive wood door] that I didn’t see before using the camera on it.

On the flat roofs, per the information I read it’s best to do the scan after the sun goes down, on them it will cost you 2 cokes:) :slight_smile:

Some day the cameras will be in every inspectors bag…or rather, if Home Inspection prices rise considerably. (absolutely pathetic)

I have a hard time wondering how some of these nit-wits are staying in business…I’ve seen them advertised as low as $195.00 with a termite report 2000 sq. ft. just sickens me. (NACHI members)

A couple requirements of every AZ inspector should be attending one of Jim Eckleys eckleyand associates.com] seminars and see first hand what an attorney will do to an inspector when they screw up.

The other is attend a mock BTR enforcement committee meeting before going out and performing an inspection. One or both of them will likely change an inspectors opinion on what our liability is. If that doesn’t do the trick they won’t be around long enough to worry about.

The big problem I see is that an unnamed org.].sets a bad example for the beginner from the start by stating that they are the greatest HI org in the world and offer membership values of over $50,000 for joining them for the low fee of $289.00.
Then that same org sends out emails and make public posts that membership is free if you sign up for one day wonder mold certifications or agree to promote an alarms company’s agenda. I guess the old saying " you get what you pay for" has some merit… duh if being a member in that org is so valuable why do they have to give memberships away.:roll: :roll: :roll:

No more a bad example as you are now forecasting.!!!


Dan there is some merit to what you say, but you and I both know there are more than a couple of Ding-Dongs attending meetings of the other not mentioned HI Org. :stuck_out_tongue: As for attorneys, if you make a mistake doing anything in this day and age you will run the risk of an attorney trying to put words into your mouth, mines full already.:wink: