Hey Guys… Can you think of a good way to use these domains
for InterNACHI members? I own them all.


I was thinking about handing out free email addresses that
are set up with google for this domain. Still thinking.

I guess it would be a good idea if the person/people utilizing the email address(es) at that domain was/were actual “Certified Energy Auditors”.

Don’t let truth get in the way of your advertising.:wink:

I have my energy auditor URL reserved for future use…


roflmao :—)

John, let me know. I’m interested.

OK… I will keep you guys posted.

InterNACHI will soon have some huge news about energy auditor issues
and the MICB is working on the “Certified Master Energy Auditor”. Nick
also said that the www.infraredcertified.com will be filing their own patent.

Looks like some interesting news coming down the pipe line.

InterNACHI … resistance is futile.

John, is NACHI looking into any kind of audit software? I asked this question on another thread but didn’t get a response. I’m looking at TREAT mainly because the state of NH uses it along with a couple of public utilities.

Yes, establish a requirement that any INACHI member wishing to be associated with these domains be either BPI, RESNET HESP, RESNET HERS, or LEED Certified.

These are the currently established national certifications associated with Energy Audits. This is just my opinion, but for us Inspectors, I would say that BPI is best suited for getting certified in conducting Energy Audits for existing homes.

The BPI class was challanging and actually a bit difficult. You are required to pass a 100 question written (proctored) exam and a two hour field exam. The field exam being the more difficult of the two.

Just my take on it, though…


John, have you checked to make sure you will not get in to trouble using that designation?



I doubt Maine will have an issue with it, but the first link might.

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Inspectorpro Software is working on an energy audit template.

We will soon see the news release of several news points
and SoP to go with it will have plenty of backing…:mrgreen:

The term “certified energy auditor” is already being used
by many various companies and vendors, not just one

Great Information here John. Thanks