CertifiedNACHIstore.com donates suits and boots to the Daily Door Prize. Hot PICs!



Those are cool…

I really wanted to test the suit as I posted when Nick 1st brought these out as a daily door prize.

Dee, care to tell them about PIC #3? To risque to post.

Do you have any of those in Dee’s size? :slight_smile:

Is there a 3rd picture? We have to see it now, especially one with the lovely Deanna!!!

Mario is still smitten. :wink:

Nick, you can go ahead and post the 3rd picture :roll:

Jay better be fully dressed.:stuck_out_tongue:


If you were a guy you would be as well!!! She is a K.O.

Yeah…I think she’s hot too. :wink:

The Ultimate Haz-mat Warrior


(thought I’d pitch in for Gary and all :wink: )