Certify my Roof!

I was wondering if you experts could find anything wrong.

The caller was the seller. He said the inspector told him the slate roof needed tuning, and to fix a soffit on the rear. I haven’t seen the report.

A few more.

The last 4 I took.

The roof needs tuning huh? I hadn’t heard that before.

It sounds like it will cost less than what you’re going to recommend, Frank. :smiley:

Got your work cut out for you. Need help, I need the work. :mrgreen:

‘Tuning’ a slate roof seems to be a term limited to slaters. Basically, it means go over the roof with a fine-toothed comb replacing any cracked or broken slate. Bibbing ones that aren’t outright broke, but may show a fault line we’re ‘suspicious’ about that could cause a leak at some point. Pointing the ridges and hips. Replacing flashing, valleys, etc. Tune-ups are good for 5-30 years depending on what’s needed, etc. and other variables.

A lady I can’t remember called Mon. for a gutter cleaning job. She said I had tuned hers 20+ years ago and so far hasn’t needed any more work.

I’m running from this one. My tune-up here would involve nearly rebuilding the rear of the house. I told them my schedule was full.

I believe the 3rd. pic shows something better than the 5th. which I took on purpose. A red flag, if you will.

Hard to believe sometimes, eh?