CEU's for ITA Inspection Expo

Was thinking of going to the ITA Inspection Expo in Las Vegas on October 1,2,3. They have a list of other Home Inspection organizations and States that are accepting the Expo for 20 CEU’s or various levels. NACHI is not listed.

Hopefully we will also accept them and get listed on the website. FYI the list is at: http://www.home-inspect.com/expo/cecredit.asp

Education Committee, What say you?


ASHI approves 20, Illinois, ASHI Home State only approves 9 :-s
Texas not listed. Maybe NACHI has a reason.

I think that is usually because the states don’t accept ceu’s for marketing or FEMA items. Texas may not allow due to instructors or class not being approved\ at this time.

If I remember right, NACHI had a large presence at this convention last year. I wonder if we passed or haven’t sent in the application yet.

I don’t know why NACHI isn’t listed. I do know that we will be there again this year. I am holding a Boot Camp just before the expo. You should get at least 20 ceus for attending the expo.