CFL dimmers

How do you tell if the dimmers on CFL bulbs are the new “approved for CFL” bulbs type of dimmer without removing the switch plate ? thanks for ANY input on the CFL dimmer issue

Most dimmable CFLs I have seen used standard incadescent dimmers.

It’s the CFL itself that is supposed to be dimmer friendly. They have a different type of ballast than the typical CFL that is built in, hence, the higher cost. In commercial applications, you will see that an entirely different type of dimmer is associated with the flourescent fixtures.


That’s how I see them most often - “dimmable CFL’s” rather than a different dimmer switch.

Standard CFL bulbs are not compatible with any dimmer. . .

And the one’s that are dimmable are not cheap

Also, the one’s that are dimmable really SUCK! Save you money until the technology gets a little more age on it. Even the good brands are absolutely terrible at the moment.

I am suprised the LED’s, are not finding more of a nich, concidering the CFL problems.

Home Depot had a dimmable CFL 65w equivilent PAR lamp on sale the other day for $7 so I am giving it a test drive.

Send the 7 bucks to a charity, and just let me tell you they suck.

They are, but slowly. The density of LED’s needed to acheive the illumination levels approaching that of typical incandescent lamps makes them prohibitively expensive. LED lamps are a popular replacement for the 7 watt incandescent lamps in exit signs, but they’re 20 bucks a pop. Imagine what a 100 watt LED equivalent would cost? There are LED undercabinet lights now on the market within the last few months.

Actualy there is no reason for such high prices.

You can buy big box fulls of LEDS through China right now.(for peanuts)

It may have something to do with the market for them , but they are not expensive or difficult to produce.

I have done a lot of experimenting with them myself, and agree they need to be a little better in transmitting light over distance , but it is not something which should be out of reach.

(I used to own a Neon Shop, is why I know a little).

I appreciate the replys and I am in agreement with all of you but, I was at an electrical wholesale distribution store yesterday (in a hurry and could not ask a salesman) but they had a display at the counter for a new dimmer that stated on the sign that it was compatible with all lights including CFL’s. I guess I will try to get back there and find out more info.

Marc, it lights up, what should I expect this bulb to do?
Early end of life, or will it explode and kill everyone on the block :wink:

Um… maybe dim? Have you tried it on a dimmer? They suck at it.