CGT-501 Gas Detector For Sale

I have a spare CG Tracer Model 501 - Dangerous Gas Detector for sale. This unit is in new condition (never used). Details about this unit can be found at the website of American Gas & Chemical Co. Ltd.

Please respond to this thread if you are interested.

Joe Lyvers


asking price?


What!!! No takers. I purchased this unit from Professional Equipment and paid $420.95 plus $10.00 shipping. They listed is as Item # PC622 and described is as a Electronic Termite Sniffer.

Do I hear an offer? :neutral:

Joe, let me check with my sponsors tomorrow and I’ll let you know if I can purchase it. I def. need one. Thanks. :slight_smile:

What I need is a sponsor…sheesh. :wink:


Just send your answer to me by email:

Thank you :nachi:

I didn’t get to today, I’m sorry. Found out my furnace has been a car tailpipe venting into the house for two years and we had to get into a hotel. Very upset that my kids probably have brain and lung damage. :frowning:

Wendy…What happened ?

Very bad deal. Sorry to hear that. Hope everyone is okay.

Hi guys, thanks for being there. :frowning: I have to get the kids and I all blood-tested. The sellers built a wall around the exaust pipe from the furnace (non-removable) and it hid the fact that the pipe had a gaping hole in it from rust. The wall they built was pegboard so all the exaust (read carbon monoxide) was venting into our house for two years. Also found piles of black soot b/w the furnace and the chimney, as well as a large crack going up the chimney and no insulated flue in the chimney. None of this was disclosed and the wall was built flush with the chimney, it was probably about 800 plus degrees…I dunno it’s late and I’m guessing. However hot chimneys get from oil furnaces…and could have/should have caught fire and went straight up and burned down the house by way of my kids’ bedrooms. :frowning: I’m so angry! I am getting an attorney but in the meantime we are in a hotel and my money will be eaten up by 10 days or less. Grrrr…The city inspector said it was like we’d been sucking on a car tailpipe this whole time.

This explains why my kids IQ points have been going down rapidly, they’ve had constant asthma and headaches, as well as constant colds.

I hope the damage can be reversed. :frowning:

Wow Wendy sorry to here that. Let me know if you need anything via e-mail.

Thank you Gary. Sorry I haven’t been on much. It’s been a little bit stressful around here. :frowning:


Keep us posted. If you need anything, let us know. I believe the inspection community can pull together to help you out if needed.

Glad to hear everyone is alive Wendy!

We had a death in the area last week (wife), husband in hospital.

3 weeks before that, another family lost two and one in serious condition.:frowning:

All from heaters or furnaces.

CO poisoning is deadly business. Stress CO detectors for ALL homes. Even a cheapy is better than nothing.

You guys are great. :slight_smile:

It’s been really hard trying to keep a business together and take care of three kids essentially by myself.

We got into a shelter but without stating it bluntly, there are a few too many “creatures” staying in the room with us. :frowning:

I’m trying to get into a house, but wasn’t exactly prepared for 1st, last, and deposit. :frowning:

But at least we can stay in the shelter for three months and hopefully by then I’ll be able to afford a new house.

Thanks for caring you guys. You are the best!