Chain Of Custody ?? Dirty Minds?

OK so yesterday I did a complete Mold inspection. Air samples, swabs the works. I get back to the office and my wifey is helping me do some paper work as she normally does. Well she calls over to me at my desk from hers and asks me "Hey Jim Can I get The COC ?:shock: I said Excuse me? we both cracked up.

OK just felt like sharing.:roll:


Been a while, has it Jim??? :mrgreen:

Been married 24 years, so yeah, its beena bout 23 years…:frowning: haha


Well, did she get it?

Great Love it ,Best way to live and enjoy life all the time , Works for us ,Many laughs every day … All the best Roy

Alright, alright, I am working on it, just need to play my cards right and just MAYBE…heheheh:cool:


Don’t forget to remind her you’re certified. :lol:


There will always be your birthday, Jim.

She already knows he’s *certifiable *!!! :p;-)

It’s spelled with a “k” that’s why you’re not gettin’ any, you can’t even spell it right!!!