Chalking the roof during inspection

I’ve been kicking the idea around for a bit but wpuld love your thoughts. Using chalk to mark the defects on the roof during the inspection. It’ll help locate the noted defects if/when they get a roofer to come out. Cons, usually im on the buyer side, so no permission to chalk the sellers roof, chalk doesnt last long so it might not be there when the repair guy comes.


Who pays for the defects the roofer finds that you didn’t mark??


You take pictures and mark the pictures. They’ll still be pictures when the roofer comes. Why re-invent the wheel?


The only time that I have chalked roofs was for a HOA, after a hailstorm. In this case, the HOA pays for replacement under normal conditions. The homeowners (insurance) pay for replacement as a result of storm damage. Obviously, the HOA wanted all new roofs installed without having to pay for it. They got their wish.

I did limit the chalking to one square per unit, for photos and reporting.

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Don’t do it. I take closeup pictures of the defects (while on the roof) and some wide view pictures of the house from the ground level and use arrows to point to areas of roof where I found certain defects. This helps roofing contractor to locate the defects I identified. I state in my narrative something along the line that the defects I found may not be all inclusive and recommend that a qualified roofing contractor be consulted to perform a complete roof inspection. I don’t do this if it’s a couple of exposed nail heads but if I think the roof materials may have other issues then I pass the liability to the roofing contractor.


Not a good idea, how do you think the homeowner would react if a home inspector put chalk marks on their roof after the deal fell through.

I take pictures, and if I deem it neccessary I add circles or arrows into the pictures in the report.


LMAO! Sounds pretty unanimous to me! Just a thought. Glad I ran it through you guys first. I’ll leave my kids chalk for the sidewalk and my stick figures only. :slight_smile:
Hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks again for the reply’s.


Not a good idea. Leaves a stain. Could/Would/Should land you in legal jepordy.
What if inspectors marked all defects throughout the home?
In your photos, use reporting software, illustrate defects or deficiencies with markers and text.

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