Challenger panel and breakers

I have just inspected a house built in 1992 with a Challenger panel and breakers. The labels were removed from the panel. Are these panels and issue for the 90’s? Does this main breaker look right? Is that screw supposed to be there?

Yes, the screw belongs there. I see no issues with this panel other than the double-tap. Were you paid for this inspection?

Not yet. Why do you ask?

I’m just wondering if you’re “in training,” or you’re performing fee-paid inspections. This seems like a question from an inspector-in-training.

I say this because of the general nature of your question. It’s as if you haven’t inspected an electrical panel.

I’m happy to answer questions regardless of your experience, but you might want to consider taking the iNACHI electrical course.

Im not really sure what gave you that idea. I have inspected and replaced electrical panels before today. I am not completely familiar with Challenger products and was not sure about the placement of the screw. I have seen mechanically attached breakers but generally in 3 phase systems. I was also concerned about the removal if id from this panel. I have seen much older panels with the identification still attached. I’m sure I will take a look at the electrical course at some point since you mention it as i never turn down an opportunity to get educated. I appreciate your response.

Challenger is a pretty common manufacturer. There are no inherent issues with this manufacturer.

The screw is a required component (with any manufacturer) when the bus bars are “back-fed” as you have here. There are also other ways you will find the breaker secured, but this is normal for Challenger.

The electrical course is actually an InterNachi membership requirement.

Within the first 45 days after becoming a certified member…

  • You must complete InterNACHI’s online Electrical course (free), including all quizzes within, and pass its final exam.

Become a certified inspector

Guess he missed that part. :shock:

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