Challenger Panel Narrative

Would someone kindly share with me your Challenger panel narrative? Thanks!

Sorry… it’s still difficult to talk about. :cry:


Sorry Gary, I don’t have a “Challenger” panel Narrative.

I have a “standard” panel narrative for all panels that I have discovered to have deficiencies.

I don’t go beyond the means of my abilities, ie. “not an electrician” thus “not taking no stinkin’ liability I don’t need to”!!

Highly recommend you do the same.


We indicate that they are generally uninsurable and to consult with their insurance company as to the insurability of the panel ( there is only one company here in Florida that will insure them). On a side note if they are present at the inspection I let them know they can feel free to google Challenger panels if they are in doubt about what I am saying.


“It is a Challenger panel. Challenger panels have a high failure rate”